1. Forever Friendships: The PANDORA 2017 Pre-Autumn Collection

    When no one else will answer their phone at three in the morning when you're crying over a breakup, is there someone in your life who has been there through thick and thin? When you finally land your dream job, do you turn to your best friend for the enthusiasm that matches yours? If you have the privilege of having found a friend to share dreams, sorrows, laughs, love, and memories with, then you should know how valuable such a bond truly is. (more…)…Read More

  2. New Leather and Charms Available This Summer at the PANDORA of Oxford Valley Mall

    The extended evenings of autumn and winter, combined with bone-chilling temperatures and erratic weather prevents many individuals from venturing outdoors often. All of nature seems in a peaceful state of rest. When the flowers are in full bloom, and the world is fresh and vibrant once more, life begins to awaken. Summer is the season of adventure; it is the time of year when we are most active. Late nights out with friends at a trendy bar, or dates walking along a moonlit path in the woods are occasions in which you want to look your very best. Unfortunately, you might be tempted to leave you…Read More

  3. Show Your Mom Some PANDORA Style Love This Year!

    Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate the women in our lives—the ones who have are always there for us. Who provide us with unconditional love. Who impart upon us their infinite wisdom in times when we need it most. Who have taught us how to care for others, love ourselves, show compassion, strength, and dignity. Our mother figures are truly the best, and for many of us, we don’t know where we’d be without them. Now it’s time to give back, and why not do so in style? Check out these PANDORA Mother’s Day gift ideas, then stop by our PANDORA store in Oxford Valley Ma…Read More

  4. Come Support Autism Awareness and Celebrate Our Grand Opening of the New PANDORA Location in Oxford Valley Mall!

    This April 2017, many big things are happening for the PANDORA brand. This weekend (Saturday, April 22), the grand opening for the new PANDORA Location in Oxford Valley Mall, Langhorne, PA is set to launch. Those in the greater Philadelphia area are invited to attend this premiere event and celebrate Autism Awareness and PANDORA. PANDORA Located in Oxford Valley Mall Partnered With The Autism Cares Foundation: April is Autism Awareness Month, and several PANDORA locations have joined the Autism Cares Foundation in the cause of spreading awareness with the creation of an exclusive new charm. Th…Read More