Since the beginnings of human civilization, men and women have been enchanted by the rare and the magical. Our instinct to hunt, forage, and dig led us to explore all corners of the world for new jewels, and factoids. Among the many gems we sifted through in those days, the peridot was (and still is) one of the most spectacular.

History of the Peridot

The August birthstone herself, the peridot gets her name from the Arabic word “faridat” — literally meaning gem. Because of its beauty and sheer brightness, the Egyptians called the peridot, “the gem of the Sun.” Upon nightfall, once the Sun had sailed into the Underworld, it was said that peridots glowed with their own source of sunlight. The ancient Egyptians in the second millennium B.C. acquired their peridot gems from a small volcanic island known today as Zabargad. Priests were so obsessed with the peridot that they crafted cups out of it, too.

Because of its yellowish and greenish hues, the peridot was often confused with emeralds. In one famous case, the Pharaoh Cleopatra’s collection of emerald gems was later revealed to be made up entirely of peridots.

Away in distant Hawaii, the peridot was associated with the tears of the volcano Goddess Pele. We’ve since learned that the green gem appears during periods of volcanic activity. Today, the world’s supply of peridot comes from Hawaii, as well as Australia, China, Brazil, Pakistan—even meteorites!

Inside PANDORA’s box

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Birthday Bloom Earrings

In the shining green studs of our Birthday Bloom Earrings, you can draw the eyes of friends and foes, calming those who look. You can easily match this birthstone stud with one of our rings or charms.

Birthday Blooms Stackable Ring

Our Birthday Blooms Stackable Ring gleams on a silver sterling setting, bringing good fortune to the wearer. August sunshine bounces from bubble to bubble on this must-have gemstone ring.

August Droplet Ring

Those preferring a smoother silver surface may fancy our August Droplet Ring. Its olive-green floral dome shines as brilliantly as the sun. When you peer into this gemstone ring, all your worries will drip away.

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