The extended evenings of autumn and winter, combined with bone-chilling temperatures and erratic weather prevents many individuals from venturing outdoors often. All of nature seems in a peaceful state of rest. When the flowers are in full bloom, and the world is fresh and vibrant once more, life begins to awaken.

Summer is the season of adventure; it is the time of year when we are most active. Late nights out with friends at a trendy bar, or dates walking along a moonlit path in the woods are occasions in which you want to look your very best. Unfortunately, you might be tempted to leave your precious jewelry behind for the sake of safety; You don’t want your favorite accessories to snag on something and break, and you certainly don’t want it to fall off and lose it!

With PANDORA of Oxford Valley Mall‘s new leather pieces, you can still stay your stylish self while you’re out and about this summer. You won’t have to compromise your fashion when you want to go hiking, camping, or fishing, because our new leather and charms are durable enough to withstand the stress of summer fun.

Featured Pieces:

  • Mixed Pink Woven Double-Leather Charm Bracelet: This genuine leather charm bracelet weaves two pretty pink colors in a candy-stripe fashion. It features a rounded sterling silver clasp with the PANDORA logo on it and comes in three different sizes.
  • Ivory White Braided Double-Leather Charm Bracelet: Striking and simple, this charm bracelet features braided white leather for a classic staple that will go with every wardrobe. The shining sterling silver clasp with our PANDORA logo catches the eye. Our charms can easily be added to any of our leather bracelets for a personalized touch.
  • Tropical Sunset, Mixed Enamel & Clear CZ: Capturing the essence of a vacation getaway, this authentic PANDORA charm depicts a tropical sunset with warm hues of orange and dark pink. The silver on this charm is engraved with the quote: “All I need is a little bit of Paradise” in a scrawling, but beautiful script.

    Athletes and those who just enjoy various physical activities (such as yoga, pilates, martial arts, or dance) can trust the artisanship of PANDORA to stand up to the test of a more rigorous summer schedule. Come to PANDORA of Oxford Valley Mall and talk with one of our sales personnel about our new leather pieces and charms today!