Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate the women in our lives—the ones who have are always there for us. Who provide us with unconditional love. Who impart upon us their infinite wisdom in times when we need it most. Who have taught us how to care for others, love ourselves, show compassion, strength, and dignity. Our mother figures are truly the best, and for many of us, we don’t know where we’d be without them.

Now it’s time to give back, and why not do so in style? Check out these PANDORA Mother’s Day gift ideas, then stop by our PANDORA store in Oxford Valley Mall to gain help with ideas and purchase a piece she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

One of a Kind Bracelet

This limited edition take on the classic PANDORA charm bracelet is the perfect item to help show your mother figure how meaningful she is. Featuring heart engravings and the classic PANDORA branding, this bracelet also features a phrase that will express the way you feel and let her never to forget how special and important she is: You are so loved.

This is a superb starter item for someone who doesn’t already own a PANDORA bracelet. Get one for her this year, then add charms with each subsequent Mother’s Day. Turn it into a tradition—a special way for you to express your never ending love for her.


Maybe she already has a bracelet? Great! Let’s help her get it decorated with a special charm. Nothing is more heartfelt than the ESSENCE COLLECTION. These hand finished pieces are stunning, and available in a wide array of colors, leaving you with options. Whether you’re selecting her birthstone, favorite color or one that complements her existing charms, it’s hard to go wrong when giving a loved one an ESSENCE COLLECTION piece.

We’re certain she’ll treasure it for years to come.

Mix & Match: Favorite Colors

Speaking of favorite colors, another idea is not to pick from one particular collection or another. Mix and match charms to outfit your mother figure’s bracelet with multiple items of her favorite color.

Surely you know what it is, and surely we have a vast selection of options in our store that will suit her visional tastes. Swing by PANDORA of Oxford Valley Mall and we’ll help you curate the perfect ensemble.


With these three ideas and countless more available,  make our Oxford Valley Mall PANDORA store your premier place to acquire thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day! Here’s to all the women who have made us who we are!